Friday, 12 August 2016

Stranger Things - Dream 80's Cast

I love Stranger Things, you love Stranger Things...we all love Stranger Things...especially Barb.
I've been thinking about who would play the different characters if it had actually been made in the 80's. It's set in 1983 but I will be using people from the whole decade.

Chief Hooper
The first person I thought of was Clancy Brown as Chief Hooper.

And speaking of Winona's role as Joyce the would be so easy to choose Dee Wallace from E.T. or JoBeth Williams from Poltergeist. I'm gonna keep thinking about this and hopefully I'll have a good choice by the end of the article.


Phoebe Cates would be Nancy, she's had experience kicking ass in Gremlins.

 Of course Martha Plimpton is Barb!


I thought about Steve a lot...
he's would need to be a charming
jerk with good hair...
so Robert Downey Jr.!

Now for the boys...I feel like their should be at least one Corey.
I know a lot of people are comparing Dustin 
to Chunk but I see him as more of a Corey Feldman.

And that would mean Mike 
would have to be Corey Haim.

Lucas would be played by Stefen DeSalle, 
which according to IMDB only acted in two movies...
but I think he was the inspiration for Lucas
wearing a bandana in Stranger Things.

I changed my mind! Dustin should be Jason Presson!

Lucas Haas would be Will.

Dr. Brenner
Evil Doctor Brenner has to be David Cronenberg...yes, the director, he's done some acting too.

And now for Joyce...since she was the inspiration for Joyce's hair and is a good crier and is a tough woman too...I have finally decided on Meryl Streep.
If you disagree and/or have your own suggestions please leave them in the comments.

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Michelle Heneghan said...

Corey Feldman and David Chronenburg for sure xxx love Michelle