Thursday, 4 August 2016

Death by Television Returns!

Patron Saint of TV
I love TV. I love talking about TV. My friends come to me for TV suggestions and look forward to my Facebook posts about TV. I am a TV Addict.
I'm just super lame about writing about it on this blog. I haven't written anything in months but I get 20-30 views a day! Imagine how many views I will get when I actually get off my ass and actually post something that's what I'm going to do. I promise to post something at least twice a week from now on.
Television is in a golden age right now, some people say it's a platinum age. So, there will be a lot for me to write about. I have strong opinions on TV, I don't rate The Wire but love Murder, She Wrote. I watch almost all the Real Housewives like modern soap operas. I talk about the drag queens on RuPaul's Drag Race like other people talk about athletes. I binge watch shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime...and other online arenas.
I'm going to post about new shows, shows that are streaming online, TV classics, popular TV, not so popular TV, trash TV...I'm also going to continue with my original plan, which was to go through my favorite TV shows in alphabetical order. And 'live' blogging some of my favorite shows past and present; Murder, She Wrote, Friday the 13th: The TV Show and I think I'm going to do The Avengers too, it's such an odd show.
Oh yeah...and the Judge Judy or Judge Milian quote of the day!

Recently watched:
Stranger Things
The Avengers
Real Housewives
Holby City

Started watching:
Bates Motel

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