Monday, 28 September 2009

Today on Murder, She Wrote...'Corned Beef & Carnage'

Jessica enters the world of New York City ad men...but this is not Mad's the 80's, remember!
She's in New York visiting one of her many nieces, Victoria...who of course is the main suspect in the murder of her boss, Larry, from 3 's Company.

Victoria's husband is Kenickie from Grease.
He's a struggling actor. But back to Murder, She Wrote. DOH!

Favorite line: 'I don't want to give you the short stroke.'
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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Today on Murder, She Wrote...'Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday'

One of Jessica's short stories was going to be print in 'Leopard' magazine, a 'Playboy/Penthouse kinda nudie mag, and she was not happy about it! She goes with her nephew Grady to talk with the publisher, Mr. Bundy as played by Bert Convey of'Win, Lose or Draw' fame, at his Playboy-esque mansion.

It's the typical Agatha Christie several people stuck in one location cliche.
Robert Stack from 'Unsolved Mysteries' was the main suspect. He was the publisher of this magazine 'Literary Lines' that was bought by Mr. Bundy.
For once Grady is not actually a suspect but Jessica is a suspect. No, she's doesn't suspect herself silly! Detective Lt. Greco does!

Favorite line:
Jessica - 'No need to get all Russian miserablist.'

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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The 26 Best T.V. Shows of All Time

I'm going to go through the alphabet and write 26 reviews of my favorite T.V. shows past and present. One letter per week. Some letters will be easier than others, hopefully a really good T.V. that starts with "Z" comes a long by the time I get to it! Some letters will be hard because of too much we go!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

What I'm watching right now...

Fall is quickly coming upon us, some shows have started early in the U.S.:

Hell's Kitchen USA
New Season of Project Runway
New Season of Mad Men

Fringe and NCIS Los Angeles (LL COOL J!) start in a couple weeks and I'm well excited!

Um...I've been in the states for two weeks so I'm a little American-centric right now. Don't really know what's coming up in the U.K. except 'Wuthering Heights' on ITV...which looks HOT!

This time I mean it...

Every other time I've tried to write a blog I think I've had too general a topic. Too much to write about so no writing was done...I'd get too overwhelmed...Well I thought about it as I was watching Top Gear whilst messing round on the computer. The one thing I do more than anything else...more than watch movies, more than listen to music, more than watch T.V.
So here's my television blog cuz I'm so lazy I can watch T.V. and write reviews at the same time.