Thursday, 8 December 2016

The Music of Westworld

Westworld has been one of the many television highlights of 2016. The music is haunting yet familiar, mostly because the player piano is playing contemporary songs. This is to remind us that Westworld is not real, it is a fantasy. Show composer Ramin Djawadi explains the music choices here. The soundtrack is now available on Spotify. Ignatious Pop made a Spotify playlist that has the songs that inspired the soundtrack on it.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Shockotober! My Favorite Halloween Episodes!

Over the next month, I will be writing about my favorite Halloween episodes. There's so many to choose from! Obviously, The Simpsons Halloween episodes will get a whole post of its own. And Roseanne always had great episodes too.  And of course, Buffy the Vampire Slayer had some classic episodes! Some of them are scary, some of them are funny, most of them are both.

Friday, 16 September 2016


It's the most wonderful time of the not Christmas...fall is finally here! Don't get me wrong, this summer was actually pretty good but summer is pretty sucky when it's come to tv.
Summer is usually a low period during the tv year but with Netflix and Amazon Prime there's been a couple of excellent shows to keep us going during the dog days. Preacher was a riotous, violent, funny series. Obviously, Stranger Things was a nostalgic blast from the past.
But now it's September and officially the start of the tv season! And this is one of the reasons why fall is my favorite season...also; Halloween, sweaters, pumpkin flavored everything and not sweating whilst you sleep.
There are so many amazing looking new tv shows starting right now! Some are returning show like American Horror Story and Project Runway, others are brand spanking new like Atlanta and Westworld.
Good thing I have a couple of days off to catch up on all these shows!
I will post as I watch them.

What I'm watching this weekend:
American Horror Story
Project Runway
On The Night
The Collection

I already watched Drag Race All Stars this morning...Alaska is slaying it!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Netflix release Stranger Things Season 2 teaser trailer!

It's true! Here is Netflix have released a trailer announcing that Stranger Things season two will be happening in 2017! Hopefully, we won't have wait too long into 2017 to watch it! And I'm sure there will be plenty of actual trailers to keep us going until then!

Here's some info about the new season I got from the Mary Sue website...
  • Season two will take place over 9 episodes (compared to the first season’s 8) set in the fall of 1984, only a short while after season one, and series creators/writers Matt and Ross Duffer will return.
  • None of the cast has been announced as returning, but many of them have expressed interest in keeping the story going.
  • The Duffers told Entertainment Weekly that they’re going to continue the same story, so all the major players should be back.
  • There will also be four new characters!
  • The nine episode titles are: “Madmax,” “The Boy Who Came Back to Life,” “The Pumpkin Patch,” “The Palace,” “The Storm,” “The Pollywog,” “The Secret Cabin,” “The Brain,” and “The Lost Brother”.
I will keep ya'all updated as soon as I found out any info!

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2: Drag Harder SPOILERS!

FINALLY! Drag Race fans have been asking for an All Stars season pretty much immediately after the last one. We have been speculating over who should be on it for years! The first All Stars was way back in 2012! Too long!
Anyways...When the queens were announced I think everyone was pretty happy with most of the choices, Tatiana (?) Phi Phi (bitch), and were VERY VERY excited about the new season...
Thursday August 25th...the season premiere of All Stars 2! Sadly, those of us who live outside the U.S. have to wait until the next day to watch it. (I have my ways) Luckily, no one spoiled anything for us online!
Ru is not messing around on this one! No teams, which totally sucked and sadly one of my faves got voted off on the first episode...noooooo, not Mimi, Pandora. Twists and turns and the library is open in the first episode (the shade of it all)...episode 2 is Snatch Game (yay!) Ru tells all ten queens that she will not be sending anyone home and that they won't be lip syncing for their lives anymore...they will be lip syncing for their legacy and winning $10,000! But most queens thing something is up and are worried.
The first maxi challenge was a talent show EXTRAVAGANZA! The queens each showcased what they do best. It turns out the the winner of the lip sync will be the one choosing who goes home! #drama
I don't really need to go over what happens on the show step by step...obviously, you watched it if you're reading this...let's just get to what we're here for...THE QUEENS! Time to break it down! All tea, all shade...
J'adore Adore! I was even Adore for Halloween last year...But Adore seems a bit lost. And I hate, hate, hate saying this but she looked bloated and her lips are way too big! Obviously, she sang and that girl can sing! I've seen her live. But her outfits was not her. Her hair can make-up was on point but the dress was very old lady on a cruise. It was sparkly but shapeless.
Michelle Visage ripped her apart. Adore ended up in the bottom three.

I did not like Alaska on her season. It might have been the whole Ro-Laska-Tox thing. But now I love her! Her music is fabulous! Her look is more polished! And she's funny as fuck. Alaska also sang and was safe...but everyone of the other queens think that she's the biggest competition and the one to beat. Alaska is there to win it! And thank Alaska says 'the band is not getting back together!'
Alyssa is still mad as a hatter...but always entertaining. The question she in on the joke or does she think she's in on the joke?
I 've never seen Alyssa perform so was quite impressed with her 'Variety' routine...there was lip syncing, there was dancing (she's a very good dancer) and there was a ventriloquist puppet!
Alyssa thinks she's better than she actually is so let's see how far she gets against other better queens.
CoCo was Alyssa's biggest threat and frenemy during their season. But they have 'buried the hatch' according to Alyssa. CoCo is old school and pretty much only does Janet Jackson in Las what does she do for the talent show...a Ginger Rogers inspired 'ballroom' dance. Everyone was like 'ummm, what?' Coco was in the bottom three. Oh and Michelle said she looked sootie. Doh!
Detox was one-third of Ro-Laska-Tox and since Alaska is not playing that game anymore it looks like it will just be Roxxxy-Tox the careful! Detox is a great queen, she's got a new wave 80's thing going on. She can't really sing so she mostly played with glow in the dark paint during the talent reminded me of that scene in Miss Congeniality where Sandra Bullock takes them to the club.
I love Ginger Minge and she did deserve to be in the top three of her season. She says she needs to be nicer but I never thought of her as mean. Ginger sang, and she's a good singer but it wasn't a show stopper...more like the song you go to the bar or toilet when she sings it. Can't wait to see her in Snatch Game, which is the next episode! Her Adele was hilarious!
KATYA!!!!!!!! I love Katya so much! She was totally robbed her season and should have been in the top three or even won! She's so funny and willing to do and wear anything...though she said she was holding back last time. Can't wait to see how far she goes this time! She did gymnastics for the talent show, cuz she's awesome.
Phi Phi is one of the queens who are here to prove something. She was such a total pageant queen bitch on her season that she wasn't getting bookings. She has totally changed her drag and is now a cosplay queen. Her 365 Days of Drag on Instgram is amaaaaazing. It's funny how she went from not getting alternative drag like Sharon Needles to doing it herself. She sang, badly, pick a key girl and was in the bottom three.
Roxxxy...hated her. She was such a mean girl bully to Jinkx Monsoon. It still makes me angry. She is the other queen who is here to prove something. At least she admits that she wasn't 'edited to look bad' and that she said what she said and it was because she was intimidated by Jinkx. I didn't think I could ever change my mind about her but she did something in the show that really impressed me...and it wasn't her Burlesque act in the talent show.
When the queens were announced and Tatianna walked into the workroom everyone was like...who? Tati is from season two and a lot of the queens are underestimating her. She did a spoken word routine for her talent and looked fierce too. She's the dark horse of the competition.

Roxxxy and Tatianna were the top two and had to lip synce for their legacy, to Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off'. NOW FOR THE TWIST!!!!!!! THE WINNER HAS TO CHOOSE WHO GOES HOME FROM THE BOTTOM THREE! And this is where Roxxxy changed my opinion of her...DAMMIT! Roxxxy took each of the bottom three girls; Adore, Coco and Phi Phi aside and talked to each of them. She wasn't a bitch, she wasn't a mean girl...she was sypathetic and understanding and really though about who should go home and didn't take out her biggest competition. This is actually killing me to write all this.

Roxxxy won the lip sync and sent her friend Coco home, she was actually worried that Coco won't speak to her ever again.

AND NOW FOR ANOTHER TWIST!!!! Coco goes to the workroom to give her final interview and Rupaul pops up on the TV screen and tells her that she has an opportunity to come back for Ruvenge!

Me as Adore for Halloween last year.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Sick of It!

I have a summer lurgy. Luckily, I don't have to work today. The best TV shows to watch when you're sick are court shows. You can zone out and you don't have to concentrate too much. You don't want to watch something where you have to pay attention like Fringe or House of Cards.
My favorite court shows are...

Judge Judy
Obviously, I watch Judge Judy almost every day, even when I'm not ill. Judge Judy now has the longest running court show on TV. Other Judges try to do the witty remark thing but no one does it as well as Judy.

The People's Court
I love Judge Millian
Actually, I'm lying...the only other Judge that gets even close, and sometimes surpasses Judge Judy is Judge Millian.
The People's Court started in 1981 was actually the first modern court show. Judge Marilyn Millian is the fourth Judge to front the show. One of the other being Judge Judy's husband.

Now for something completely different...

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
I was sick with the flu when Kimmy Schmidt was first released on Netflix last year.
It is probably one of the best shows to watch when you are unwell. It is silly and funny and weird, sometimes you don't know if you imagined what happened on the show or if it actually happened. And then there's the songs's some Kitty and Bunny. Get Well Soon!

Friday, 12 August 2016

Stranger Things - Dream 80's Cast

I love Stranger Things, you love Stranger Things...we all love Stranger Things...especially Barb.
I've been thinking about who would play the different characters if it had actually been made in the 80's. It's set in 1983 but I will be using people from the whole decade.

Chief Hooper
The first person I thought of was Clancy Brown as Chief Hooper.

And speaking of Winona's role as Joyce the would be so easy to choose Dee Wallace from E.T. or JoBeth Williams from Poltergeist. I'm gonna keep thinking about this and hopefully I'll have a good choice by the end of the article.


Phoebe Cates would be Nancy, she's had experience kicking ass in Gremlins.

 Of course Martha Plimpton is Barb!


I thought about Steve a lot...
he's would need to be a charming
jerk with good hair...
so Robert Downey Jr.!

Now for the boys...I feel like their should be at least one Corey.
I know a lot of people are comparing Dustin 
to Chunk but I see him as more of a Corey Feldman.

And that would mean Mike 
would have to be Corey Haim.

Lucas would be played by Stefen DeSalle, 
which according to IMDB only acted in two movies...
but I think he was the inspiration for Lucas
wearing a bandana in Stranger Things.

I changed my mind! Dustin should be Jason Presson!

Lucas Haas would be Will.

Dr. Brenner
Evil Doctor Brenner has to be David Cronenberg...yes, the director, he's done some acting too.

And now for Joyce...since she was the inspiration for Joyce's hair and is a good crier and is a tough woman too...I have finally decided on Meryl Streep.
If you disagree and/or have your own suggestions please leave them in the comments.