Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hate-Watching: Real Housewives

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General logo for the program (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hate-watching is when you watch a t.v. show even though you don't actually like it. You watch it for the 'enjoyment' of bitching about it with your friends on social media. The X Factor is a show people hate-watch...I used to hate-watch The X Factor but I can't even get any 'enjoyment' out of making fun of it anymore.
But there's another show that I can't stop hate-watching...The Real Housewives of...all of them. The extreme 'wealth' (though half of them seem to be bankrupt at some point) and consumption disgusts me. I can't relate to them in any way. It's like watching a nature program except it's about 'The Real Housewives' instead of 'Meerkat Manor' or 'Lions of the Serengeti'. These women spend more on lunch than what my rent is a month. They are selfish, conceited, rude, greedy, self centered, self abosorbed, lying, cheating, backstabbing bullies...with way too much plastic surgery. But I can't stop watching their antics.
I know most of the scenes are set up so there's some kind of heated confrontation or fight...all the better for the ratings. These women have no loyalty to each other, even their 'friends' or 'family' of years or decades. They change sides more then they change their underwear. They seem to have a new BFF every other episode. And if some of these women hate each other so much why would they go on vacation with each other!?!? I wouldn't even go to lunch with any of them, except maybe Kyle from Beverly Hills or Nene from Atlanta.
Even so, as long as they keep finding new cities to have 'Real Houswives' I will watch this show.

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