Friday, 16 September 2016


It's the most wonderful time of the not Christmas...fall is finally here! Don't get me wrong, this summer was actually pretty good but summer is pretty sucky when it's come to tv.
Summer is usually a low period during the tv year but with Netflix and Amazon Prime there's been a couple of excellent shows to keep us going during the dog days. Preacher was a riotous, violent, funny series. Obviously, Stranger Things was a nostalgic blast from the past.
But now it's September and officially the start of the tv season! And this is one of the reasons why fall is my favorite season...also; Halloween, sweaters, pumpkin flavored everything and not sweating whilst you sleep.
There are so many amazing looking new tv shows starting right now! Some are returning show like American Horror Story and Project Runway, others are brand spanking new like Atlanta and Westworld.
Good thing I have a couple of days off to catch up on all these shows!
I will post as I watch them.

What I'm watching this weekend:
American Horror Story
Project Runway
On The Night
The Collection

I already watched Drag Race All Stars this morning...Alaska is slaying it!

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