Saturday, 6 August 2016

Going For The Binge Watching!

So there's some kind of sports thing happening right now in Brazil...and like me you aren't that bothered with all that. Here's some television you can watch/stream whilst you try to avoid the official version of Fun With Flags.
All viewing platforms are for the UK.

Preacher (Amazon Prime)
Developed for AMC by Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen and Sam Catlin, based on the comic book/graphic novel (whatever) by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon. The whole first series, which is actually more of a prequel to the comics, is available on Amazon Prime.
It's darkly funny, disturbing, violent, controversial, thought-provoking and kicks a lot of ass.
Though set in Texas it seems like half the cast is British. Dominic Cooper (Mamma Mia!) is Jesse Custer the Preacher. Joe Gilgun (This Is England) is the manic vampire Cassidy. Ruth Negga (12 Years A Slave) is the kick-ass Tulip.

Lucifer (Amazon Prime)
Another comic/graphic novel adaption with a British lead. Lucifer is based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Keith and Mike Dringenberg. Lucifer Morningstar, as played by Tom Ellis (Miranda), is bored and unhappy in Hell and decides to spend some time in Los Angeles. He owns a club called 'Lux' but ends up being a consultant to the police, usually using his powers of persuasion and seduction to get the answers they need to solve crimes. It's more light-hearted than Preacher but there are some darker bits involving police detective Chloe Decker.
Tom Ellis has always been an attractive man but as Lucifer he is SEXY!

Stranger Things (Netflix)
Stranger Things is as good and probably even better than what the whole internet is saying. The perfect 80's nostalgia/homage. Taking inspiration from Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter and many many more, this is the story of how a gang of kids try and find their friend who has disappeared into thin air. It's mysterious, weird, funny and a little bit scary.
In the ultimate 80's casting is stars Winona Ryder!
And the soundtrack is spot on too.
I will be writing a whole blog post, or two, about Stranger Things soon.

Dont Trust The B- in Apt 23 (Netflix)
I was just checking Netflix to see what I can recommend when I saw that Dont Trust The B- has been added to the website!
Starring  Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones) as Chloe, the bitch in apt 23, she is an immoral, amoral, scheming, lying, unscrupulous con artist...and you can't help loving her. Sadly, it only lasted two seasons before getting cancelled. It also stars James Van Der Beek as himself.

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